School Kicks Out 12-Year-Old With Cancer for Missing Too Many Days of Class

rose mcgrath As if Rose McGrath hadn't already gone through enough, the 12-year-old who's bravely been battling leukemia since 2012 just learned she's been "dismissed" from St. Joseph Middle School -- which she's attended since kindergarten -- because she couldn't meet the academic or attendance standards. How is this even possible?


Rose and her parents were devastated to receive the letter which stated that the young girl was no longer welcome at the one place where she could still feel like everyone else. It's heartbreaking to even think that the administrators at this school -- a Catholic school, no less -- would have so little compassion for a child who was receiving treatment for a potentially-fatal disease.

This child wasn't off visiting theme parks or playing with American Girl dolls, she was fighting for her life. You know if she could have this girl would've loved to have been at school with her friends and not home in bed, violently ill. Coloring books, cartoons, and even electronic devices get old pretty fast for any kid, who'd probably prefer the company of her peers.

Especially when your child is ill, you try to make things as "normal" for them as possible. So despite their situation, going to school when they feel well enough might still give them a chance to feel like a regular kid even if it's just for a few hours. Seeing friends and playing even a simple board game at a desk can really lift their spirits.

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And once your child is in remission, you'd want them to get back to having some regular experiences as soon as possible. You certainly wouldn't want them to have to start over at a new school and be forced to make all new friends. It sort of feels like a punishment for battling a disease you'd never wish on anyone in the first place. 

Do you think the school has the right to expel a child with cancer?

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