Anti-Vaccine Group Compares Giving Your Kid a Shot to Sexual Assault

Oh geez. They went there. They seriously went there. In a recent ad that does not do anyone a single favor, anti-vaccination advocates compared childhood immunizations to rape. Um ... yeah.


The Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network (AVSNI) posted (and then deleted) a meme on Facebook this week that never should have gone up. It features a terrified looking woman with her mouth covered by a man, and the headline "FORCED PENETRATION."

It also says, "Really -- no big deal, if it's just a vaccination needle, and he's a doctor. Do you really 'need' control over your own choices?"

Why?? What were they thinking? Australian Women's Weekly caught the screenshot, and said that the group defended themselves on Facebook, saying, "This post isn't tasteless -- it is honest. What truly IS tasteless is our elected government trying to tell us that we have to vaccinate our children even if we don’t believe it is best for their health."

Um, if it's not tasteless, then why did they take it down?

The group is trying to protest a new government program in Australia which has eliminated the religious exemption for childhood immunizations by denying parents up to $11,000 in benefits if they don't vaccinate their kids. The policy is called, "No Jab, No Pay," and I'd like to take a second to point out that they're not fining parents, or strapping their kids down if they don't vaccinate, they're just not giving them as much free stuff.

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There is just no need for this kind of nonsense, no matter where you fall on the vaccination debate. Most people who even feel the need to argue over it already have their opinions, and this sort of attitude isn't going to change minds, or win over anyone sitting on the fence.

Plus it's just insulting to people who actually have been sexually assaulted, because we're pretty sure rape is a whole other thing from never getting polio. Just saying.

Are you offended by this ad?


Image via Sanofi Pasteur/Flickr

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