Reading Banned on School Bus Because Books Are Very, Very Dangerous

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Whether they're socializing or catching up on homework, kids spend their time on the school bus under the constant supervision of the bus driver. But one 8-year-old who uses her 20-minute commute to school to read a book, just had that activity completely banned by the bus driver. And the reasons will shock you.


According to Daniel Abel, the girl's father, the bus driver told her she had to stop reading during the bus ride because the activity created a risk for her and other students.

Get this: The bus driver said that it'd be a harmful distraction to other students, who would stand up to see what she's reading. And on top of that, she could poke herself in the eye with the sharp corners of whatever book she's reading.

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No word yet on whether or not he also demanded she wear gloves, in the case of a paper cut, or a hard hat in fear of the sky falling.

When Daniel approached the school board, after finding the rule "stupid and useless," the administrators told him that they defer to the bus driver's decision and that each bus driver has the ability to implement his own rules on their bus.

The school then released a statement that admitted that reading is not dangerous, but noted that the kids' belongings must stay in their backpacks during the bus ride.

Ah, how great of them to clarify. It's nice to hear that the school doesn't find reading dangerous. We shudder to think how they'd get all that educating done. And heaven forbid kids discover new worlds, new ideas, new topics, and possibly engage in an informal reading club. Reading for fun? Forget it.

If reading is truly one of the most harmful things children can do, let's all surrender now, because the world has truly come to an end.

Do you think it's right for the driver to ban book on the bus?


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