Moms Outraged Over Kids Using Wine Glasses in Elementary School Project

child painted wine glasses

Kids do all kinds of cool art projects at school, but one recent project for fifth graders at Alpine Elementary in California has parents hopping mad: their kids were commissioned to paint wine glasses and beer steins. Some parents, upon finding out what their kids had painted at school that day, hit the roof, and deemed this project inappropriate for kids.


Now, I love all of my daughter's art projects -- her pencil container, her pictures, her candle holder -- and use and display them proudly, and I think my daughter digs that. However, if my kid came home with a painted wine glass, I'd feel weird.

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Here's why: For one, my kid would probably want to use it, and drink the appropriate beverage inside. So it just opens up an awkward scenario. Or even if she just wanted to see me use it, then I'd feel weird about that too. Alcohol is an adult thing, so if every time I stared into my Merlot I saw my kids' messy brush strokes, it would just mess with my mind.

Granted, these wine glasses and beer steins were to be sold at a fundraiser, so they weren't something the kids would take home to mom and dad. But still, the very fact that they were painting them just seems to send too mixed a message. We stress how alcohol isn't for kids, then involve them in a school project celebrating alcohol?

Why couldn't they just paint a coffee mug and call it a day?

Learn more in the video below:

How would you feel about your kids painting wine glasses at school?


Image via 7 San Diego

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