Dad's Attempt to Scare Boys Away From His Daughter Goes Viral

Another day, another over-protective dad making a funny by warning the boys to stay the heck away from his young daughter, or they'll have him to deal with. Kit Dale, a two-time World Pro Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion recently shared a photo with his 90,000 Facebook fans, and a few people took some serious offense to it.


Dale shared the photo of a very fit dad and his disgruntled daughter, who is wearing a homemade shirt with a picture of the buff dad, along with the words, "Stay Clear Boys, this is my dad!"

The champion fighter added the caption, "Hahahha smart dad," and in the few days since he posted it, it's been shared more that 40,000 times.

Hahahha smart dad..Repost from #thefatjewish

Posted by Kit Dale on Sunday, April 19, 2015

So what's the problem? It seems as though some people are worried that this father is being inadvertently controlling, instead of empowering her to respect herself and her body.

One writer said, "Today's parents have the opportunity not to scare their kids into obedience but to teach them self-respect and how to navigate dangerous situations on their own ... This is empowering your kids, not controlling them."

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While I whole-heartedly agree that authoritarian parenting isn't the best option when it comes to child-rearing, I think critics of this shirt are missing one very obvious point. This girl is clearly a child, not a young woman capable of making her own decisions when it comes to dating.

Her age is unclear, but she doesn't look a day over 12, if that. I have two daughters, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I completely control my junior higher's love life (if you can call it that). Yes she has crushes, and questions about kissing, and is excited about dating, but at 11, she's simply not ready.

I would totally get the control aspect of it if the girl in the picture were say, 16 or 17. By that age, your child should be interacting with members of the opposite sex, and hopefully will have learned to respect their bodies and maybe even their hearts a little.

Until then, stay away boys

What do you think of this dad's warning?


Image via Kit Dale/Facebook

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