These Moms' Pregnancy Photos Are Making the Internet Do a Double Take

lesbian pregnancy pics

Every once in awhile a pregnancy photo comes along that's just so clever and cute, we've gotta share. Take, for instance, these side-by-side photos of lesbian moms Melanie and Vanessa Iris Roy, each taking their turn being pregnant. Talk about a cool switcharoo!


The couple from North Carolina snapped these photos a year apart -- once in January 2014 when Vanessa was pregnant with their son Jax, then again in January 2015 while Melanie was pregnant with their daughter Ero.

"Our pregnancies were such special moments in both of our lives we just had to document them," says Melanie about the photos. "I can look back at those photos and still remember the fluttery kicks and hiccups stirring in my tummy like it was just the other day." 

The couple posted this pair of photos on Instagram -- and since then it's gone viral, racking up over 150,000 likes on one Brazilian LGBT site alone.

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"Honestly we never could have imagined that our photo would have received the considerable amount of positive feedback," Melanie admits. "We are still trying to wrap our hands around why! Maybe it's the fact that both lesbians are carrying a child."

But the couple also has a different theory they like better.

"We like to believe people are so interested in our photos because they're about love -- love for each other, and love for our kids," says Melanie. "We believe that love is the emotion on which a solid foundation for a family can be built."

What's the best pregnancy photo you've seen?


Image via therealmelroy/Instagram

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