10 States Where Couples Practice Babymaking the Most

Virginia is for lovers? Nah, Idaho is for lovers. Or, at least lovers who want to have a baby. That's according to data from Ovia, who tallied up how many times couples trying to conceive have sex each month. And to everyone's surprise, Idaho is the sexiest state out there -- at least when it comes to babymaking.


Those stats come from the hundreds of thousands of users of the app Ovia, who input data about their bodies and their habits while they're trying to get pregnant. That means they're putting in data about how much they have sex, and Ovia put all that to good use.

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The numbers say that Idaho is the sexiest state, though a few of its other neighbors in the Northwest aren't too far behind. Meanwhile, the District of Columbia is the least sexy (sad face). And on average, American couples have sex 6.1 times a month when they're trying to conceive. 

Check out the full list:

States that have the most sex (average days per month)

  1. Idaho (7 days)
  2. Vermont (6.94 days)
  3. Nebraska (6.92 days)
  4. Wyoming (6.9 days)
  5. Iowa (6.83 days)
  6. Colorado (6.71 days)
  7. New Hampshire (6.69 days)
  8. Montana (6.67 days)
  9. Oregon (6.51 days)
  10. South Dakota (6.5 days)

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States that have the least sex (average days per month)

  1. Mississippi (5.27 days)
  2. New York (5.53 days)
  3. Kentucky (5.62 days)
  4. Delaware (5.7 days)
  5. Florida (5.73 days)
  6. Maryland (5.75 days)
  7. Tennessee (5.75 days)
  8. California (5.78 days)
  9. New Jersey (5.8 days)
  10. Alabama (5.82 days)

How often are you "trying" when you're trying for a baby?


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