Mom Regrets Letting 5-Month-Old Baby Potty Train Himself

baby on pottySuccessfully potty-training your child feels like quite a feat. Finally being able to say goodbye to diapers and pursuit of a clean changing station are often cause for celebration. But can a child ever be toilet-trained at too young an age? Raluca Oniciuc, mom to Alexander, who trained himself at just 5 months old, is actually wishing her little guy hadn't given up those nappies so quickly! 


Even though he still wears a diaper a day, he hasn't had accidents "in months," says Raluca. Because he can't always get there by himself, Alex lets his mom and dad know when he needs to go by grunting and even screaming until he was taken to the potty. (Sounds charming, right?) 

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While Raluca is proud of her baby accomplishing this milestone way ahead of the curve, she has some reservations about it. She explains:

Just the other day we were in the park and he started making loud noises because he needed to go. He didn't stop until I carried him home and onto his potty. Then he fell asleep. It's incredible, but my life would be a lot easier if he would just go in his nappy - like most babies his age.

We don't blame her! Think of all the drawbacks to early potty training:

1. Some public restrooms are so filthy, even adults are tempted to go in their pants to avoid them. And now you get to hold a baby over the sprinkled pee in the ladies room. Yay?

2. You have actually to find them a potty when you're out and about. And you get to be that pain in the butt mom with the huge stroller in the little bathroom. 

3. No other moms will believe you that your infant is actually whining for a toilet.

4. Holding a big baby who can't sit up yet over a toilet probably gets pretty tiring pretty fast.

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5. Families of older bed-wetters will accuse you of being a Tiger Mom.

6. Think toddlers run through toilet paper? Consider how much "fun" a baby will have going through a roll in no time. 

7. Imagine how hard is it find underpants for infants??

8. You're totally unprepared if they do have an accident because you recycled your old diaper bag first chance you got.

We're kidding, of course. Good for Alex for getting a flying head start on toileting. Now if only he could teach the family dog his tricks!

Do you wish your infant were toilet trained?

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