Your Baby Can Feel Pain at Just 1 Day Old

baby crying

If you thought nothing could possibly phase your newborn baby, new research is about to prove that otherwise. In a brand new study, coming out of Oxford University, scientists are proving that babies do, indeed, feel pain as young as a day old.


Throughout their study, researchers observed the brains and reactions of newborn babies as they softly prodded their feet. And through watching their neurological activity, were able to find that not only do babies process and feel pain, they do so very similarly to adults.

The one big difference, however, was that babies are unable to distinguish between levels of pain. According to the study's lead researcher, they react the same way to a very soft poke as they would to do harder one.

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But for babies who undergo procedures shortly after birth, this is major news. With the circumcision debate at an all-time high in the United States, and the conversation about newborn blood draws stirring up major arguments, this study helps to shed some light on the fact that babies really do feel the pain.

For a long time, doctors used to believe that babies did not feel pain for the first few days of life because their reactive sensors had yet to develop. This study disproves that immediately.

Not only do babies feel it, but they react to it immediately. For parents who choose procedures that skip the pain relief, this may be some eye-opening news.

Does this study change your mind about certain procedures?


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