Model Who Had 6 Pack Abs at 8 Months Pregnant Shows Off Her Body After Baby (PHOTO)

Remember Sarah Stage, that super-thin, supermodel mom who had the impossible six-pack abs at eight months pregnant? And then she shocked her critics by giving birth to a big baby? Now Sarah's sharing a pic of her post baby body and I'd wager it's the envy of many moms out there.


This woman just kills me, and I'll happily confess why: I am SO JEALOUS. When she was pregnant with a six-pack, I was more shocked than envious; her body was so far from the norm she seemed like she belonged in a circus of sideshow oddities.

But now that I'm staring at her post-baby body -- a time when all women, including myself, could be dropping pounds -- I'm truly envious to see she looks skinnier than ever. Here's her Instagram pic below:

But hey, my jealousy is totally my problem, not hers! As painful as it is for me to look at her figure, I don't think she should get slammed for looking so great while pregnant or after birth. That's just her body and if I had it, I'd be proud of it too.

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It's also nice to see how Sarah's postponing exercise for five weeks -- just in case anyone tries to slam her for starting early, because you know they will if you give them an inch! 

Sarah, I hate you ... but I also love how after all the flack you've gotten for your pics so far, you just keep putting yourself out there. I shudder to think of how you'll look once you do start working out.

How does this post-baby photo make you feel?

Image via sarahstage/Instagram

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