School Makes 3-Year-Old Take Off Her Glasses to Get Her Photo Taken

Abby Lubiewski

Three-year-old Abby Lubiewski in O'Fallon, Missouri was born with cataracts, and can't see without her glasses ... which is why her mom got upset when the girl was forced to remove her glasses for a school photo.


Due to rare genetic syndrome called Hallerman-Streiff, Abby can only see and dark. This disability explains why she so desperately needs to wear her glasses -- and ended up looking strained and uncomfortable in her school pic.

Seeing the photo, Abby's mom, Amanda, was miffed -- particularly after learning that other kids were allowed to wear their glasses. She was also concerned that these photos would be used by the authorities if her daughter ever went missing.

Amanda called LifeTouch School Photography and accused them of discriminating against her daughter's disability; the company agreed to take more photos of her daughter, glasses on, free of charge. But if that were my daughter, I'd worry some subtle damage may already be done.

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Because let's face it: These glasses are part of who Abby is, much like the clothes she wears. Now, she may be wondering, "What's wrong with my glasses? What's wrong with me?" She may be questioning her appearance for the very time ... at 3 years old.

As a girl who grew up wearing glasses, I know I hated them, and begged my parents for contacts. And I was at least 10 years old when I started wearing glasses and self-consciousness set in. I just hope Abby doesn't start hating her glasses like I did mine.

Kids can be so sensitive about what makes them different -- which is why parents and schools should go to great lengths to make them feel okay and accepted regardless of how they look. 

I just hope this photo company has learned their lesson: Mess with a child's appearance and you may be messing with their minds, too. Learn more about Abby's story below:

Have your kids had a bad school photo experience?


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