This Mom Has No Problem Breastfeeding on the Toilet -- So What's Your Issue?

A mom bravely posted a photo of herself breastfeeding while on the toilet and the resulting image should honestly be used in every child-rearing manual published from now until the end of time.


We all know too well the reality of what it's like to try and use the bathroom when we have little ones—it's impossible. When you have a baby, one of the greatest luxuries in life is a five-minute, uninterrupted shower. And forget about the lovely, and rare, times when you are allowed to pee without having to jump off the toilet seat every second to make sure your toddler doesn't empty the contents of your wastebasket all over the floor or (heaven forbid) fall into the shower.

It's a total nightmare.

Add breastfeeding into the equation and this, my friends, is what you get:

Absolutely hilarious. And SO TRUE. Nursing babies and toddlers do not give a fig if you have a stomach ache, the flu, need to use the bathroom, are trying to get ready for work—whatever. When they're hungry, look out, because they're coming for whatever breast is exposed to air.

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And let's talk about the bathroom floor—the one every parent knows so well. I can't tell you how many times I've let my toddler play with tampons, hairbrushes, cotton balls, basically, anything that will keep his interest for more than three minutes, so that I can wash my face in peace.

After making sure there's nothing in the cabinet that can hurt him, I make an effort not to look down so that I won't notice the insane mess I'll have to clean up because, sweet Lord, can you even remember what it's like to apply mascara without having to stop every second? It's glorious.

Whether you nurse and know a hungry baby does not respect your bathroom needs or simply understand what it's like to buy your child toys and discover he'd gladly use them to feed a fire if it meant he could play with tampons and cotton all day, this photo speaks to us all.

Facebook: don't even think of removing this photo because you deem it "obscene." This is life.

Do you relate to this mom and her toilet photo?


Image via Dean Hochman/Flickr



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