Parents Pull Kids Out of School for Making them Swear in Class (VIDEO)

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After an attempt to teach children the harmful effects of bullying, a New Hampshire school is under scrutiny from parents for their unconventional lessons. A controversial anti-bullying activity at  Hallsville School has caused parents to remove their kids from school and urge for the principal's resignation.


So what led to this reaction? Allegedly, teachers started an exercise in which they asked students to write insults that they have heard on small pieces of paper. They were then told to read them out loud. Finally, the instructor taped a paper outline of a man and the students then ripped it apart to show them that once someone has been bullied and hurt, they cannot be put together again.

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And one especially upset parent, Keith Katsikis, and his wife have decided to pull all three of their children from the school. The Katsikis' first heard about the activity from their son, and did not appreciate the fact that students were not allowed to opt out of the exercise.

Now, the father has started an online petition to fire the principal. He has also contacted the district superintendent, the local school board, as well as his city officials to further discuss his concerns.

But while we can all agree that the learning activity was certainly unconventional, and a scene straight out of Mean Girls, it was all meant to show children the jarring effects their words and actions can have on a fellow student.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, bullying is a real and constant problem in today's schools. It can be physical, emotional, verbal, or even cyberbullying, but they're all unhealthy, destructive, and harmful to other people. And that's exactly what kids need to learn.

Yes, this activity is not traditional, per se, but it is shocking and clearly started a conversation between the student and his parents. The entire goal was to show kids that what they say and do can be truly hurtful to someone else. And it seems that it accomplished just that.

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Kids hear awful and disgusting names and insults every single day at school. Tackling it head-on like this teacher did exposes the problems right at the core and individually sheds light and tackles the major issues this individual class was facing. Because, believe it or not, bullying affects everyone -- not just the people who are involved in it. Bullies, the bullied, and bystanders, all deserve to be addressed, but asking for a principal's resignation is not the way to go about this.

We should be talking to our children and their teachers about questions surrounding bullying. Attempting to keep them away from eye-opening exercises won't give them this stunning first-person perspective.

Do you think parents have a right to be upset over the exercise?


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