Neighbor Threatens Mom for Letting Her Toddler 'Giggle' in Backyard (PHOTO)

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Some people, I tell ya. Some people have the audacity to let their children run around outside when it's nice out -- in their own backyard. Can you believe that garbage? However, there are other people out there who will have none of this. A mom in Arizona recently received a letter from her neighbor that chastised her for letting her son run around in her backyard. The reason? His "laughs" and "giggles" are disturbing his or her dogs and bird, who like to look out the window. The nerve! 


The mom posted the letter online, because WTF is this?! To be quite honest, this is almost too ridiculous to believe -- how could someone be this rude and unaware?! Here's the note. What do you think?


If I were this woman I think I would return this note back to its sender, along with the words, "Go ahead! Call the police!" scribbled across it in red ink. Does this person actually think this mom is committing a crime? I'd love to hear what the police's response would be, should he or she put in a call about this.

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Being that the spelling and grammar are pretty much perfect in this note, I think it's safe to assume that whoever wrote this has all of their wits about them. It's also safe to assume that this, very likely, is one unhappy person. Of course, kids aren't for everyone, but come on. Threatening to call the police over a child playing in his backyard in the middle of the day when it's nice out? Completely insane.

Clearly, this mom isn't too concerned that she's violating any kind of law since she posted this note online for all to see. However, the thought of moving had to have crossed her mind. I'm sure she doesn't want to give this person -- and their dogs and bird -- the satisfaction, but who on earth would want to live next to a killjoy like this? Ugh. I hate to see what this person gives out on Halloween.

What would you do if you received this in the mail?


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