Angry Couple Calls Mom a 'Pig' for Breastfeeding at Playground (VIDEO)

mom breastfeeding park

Let's say you're a mom breastfeeding your baby at a park. Totally no biggie, right? Well, not according to one video that's surfaced recently where a couple harassed a mom breastfeeding at a park and called her a "disgusting pig." Ouch!


The footage, shown on a Facebook page for a Spanish news website, shows an older couple berating a breastfeeding mom seated near a playground. The couple insisted that the mom should only breastfeed at home, and continued berating her until the mom left. See more below:

While it's disturbing to know that breastfeeding moms still face flack when they breastfeed in public, I hafta say, I admire how the nursing mom remained so calm, stating how her baby was hungry and that breastfeeding is totally natural. If I'd been called a "disgusting pig," I'd have gotten really upset!

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I also love how someone shot a video of this and posted it online -- an anonymous, silent good Samaritan who came to this mom's defense. Because let's face it, no matter what your views are on public breastfeeding, that couple looks pretty harsh. Harassing a breastfeeding mom is bad enough, but calling her a "pig" is just mean.

Plus, based on the comments this video has gleaned so far, it looks like plenty more pro-breastfeeders have piped up for this mom as well. You've gotta love that about breastfeeding advocates; they're so quick to pounce on anyone who gives moms a hard time!

I really hope that this couple is reading those comments, and regretting what they've done. While it's hard to change peoples' minds, maybe this experience will convince them to at least keep their views to themselves so mamas can breastfeed in public in peace. 

Have you ever been harassed for breastfeeding? How did you react?


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