700 Strangers Show Up to Disabled Girl's Birthday After Classmates Don't RSVP

When Mackenzie Moretter told her mother she wanted a "big girl" tenth birthday party, but either didn't hear back from classmates she invited or received rejections from them, her mother thought: no way, this isn't going to happen again. Mackenzie, who is from Shakopee, Minnesota, suffers from Sotos Syndrome, which has delayed her development and makes it difficult for her to socialize. Her amazing mom came up with a Plan B that resulted in 700 incredible people showing up to her birthday bash.


Mackenzie has often complained to her mom, Jenny, that the other kids at school don't want to play with or sit with her. As a parent, you know how heartbreaking this is to hear and the last thing on Earth you want is for your child to feel sad and dejected—especially on their birthday.

So Jenny came up with the brilliant idea of using Facebook and posting messages on local group pages to ask that anyone with a child around her daughter's age stop by Mackenzie's party to say hello. She says she posted the request hoping a few people would write back and wish her little girl a happy birthday.

What she got in return proves there are a lot of really good-hearted people out there in the world.

More than 700 folks showed up for Mackenzie's birthday party—they brought gifts, they played with her, and they made her day unforgettable. Naturally, the family couldn't fit hundreds of people at their home, but city officials were kind enough to offer up a local park they could use for their party.

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People brought food, party favors, chairs, and one woman sweetly dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. Shakopee's mayor even gifted Mackenzie with a signed proclamation that states her birthday will forever be known as Mackenzie Moretter Day.

Seriously—can we all pack up and move to Shakopee right now? Because, my goodness, I feel an overwhelming number of emotions as I type this.

This beautiful mom is an inspiring example of a parent who thought outside of the box and gave her daughter the most incredible gift of all—the knowledge that there are, literally, hundreds of people right in her backyard who understand how she is feeling. The world is a lot bigger than one fourth grade classroom and, thanks to her mom, Mackenzie was able to learn that at a very young age.

Are you surprised that all of these people came out to support this little girl on her birthday?


Image via Clyde Robinson/Flickr

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