Elementary School Lunch or Prison Food: What Is This? (PHOTO)

School lunch food is never going to get a Zagat rating, but this school's food may not even make it into any child's belly. A student reportedly took a photo of the lunch, served at James Hurst Elementary in Portsmouth, Virginia, and showed it to mom who put it on Facebook. The picture instantly went viral and it's easy to see why.


Check out this opposite-of-yummy lunch:

Doesn't your mouth just water at the sight of that gray slab of fish covered by the almost-black bun and topped off with a small side of brownish-looking corn?

The menu that day reportedly advertised "spicy cajun fish with brown rice, a cold cut turkey sub, a chef salad, steamed carrots and a side salad, a choice of fruit and milk." Unless the kid left half of the lunch deliberately of his or her plate, this isn't what the lunch shows.

The school's food service coordinator is actually defending the lunch, saying it's a victim of poor lighting and presentation ... kind of like Kim Kardashian being caught without makeup. Yeah, I'm not buying it. There isn't enough food on this plate to be poorly lit -- and there's just no explaining away a bun stuck on top of a slab of fish.

Look, I am all for kids eating healthy meals, and eating smaller portions than what they get at restaurants -- we do have a juvenile obesity problem. But we also can't starve them -- how are they supposed to have enough energy to learn?

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Unfortunately, meals like this are doing nothing to introduce kids to the joys of healthy meals like fish and vegetables. Kids getting a meal like this might understandably turn to pizza and French fries for the rest of their lives.

What do you think of this meal? Have you seen your kid's meals?


Image via WAVY10/Facebook

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