Mom's Crazy Gift Demands for Son's First Birthday Go Viral (PHOTO)

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A boy's birthday wish list is catching a lot of flack on Facebook. The reason? His parents lay out a dizzying list of demands on what their child should -- and shouldn't -- receive.


For starters, the parents list four gifts that their child "will really get a lot of use out of," including a specific water table "because of how it drains." And these guys are just getting started! Check out their full gamut of do's and don'ts below:

Hmmmm. Saw this circulating on FB this morning - what do you think about this email sent out re: a 1 year old's birthday wishlist?

Posted by Simple As That on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Can you believe?! So tacky. And ungrateful. I'd be tempted to not give any gift at all or just not go to this kid's party (although sadly it's not his fault his parents are so awful, so I'd probably give the kid a break).

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Now, I know that it's annoying as a parent to get gifts cluttering your home that you don't want, or that your kid won't use. It's a huge waste of money that could have gone toward that near-empty college fund (or in this parents' case, formula). But gifts are gifts, and parents should not complain or demand anything.

I think it's OK to include a gift registry with a note saying "if you're looking for ideas on what to get, let me make your job easy," but even that's borderline in my book. Best to just accept whatever you get with a huge thank you and hope at least some guests remembered to toss in the receipt.

How do you feel about parents dictating gifts to give their kids?


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