Beloved 'Bible Man' Shares His Love of Jesus With Public School Kids for 40 Years, But Then 1 Mom Had to Spoil It All

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For decades, schools in Grundy County, Tennessee received regular visits from "Bible Man" -- a guy named Horace Turner who sang songs, brought in "Baby Jesus" displays, and spread the joys of the Christian religion to students. But after complaints surfaced that his presence at the school was unconstitutional, Bible Man was banned.


One mom, who describes herself at an Atheist, says Bible Man made her son uncomfortable at school. Yet she refused to have her name published for fear that she'll be blacklisted in town, citing a time when someone had posted a photo of a burning house on her Facebook page. Yikes!

While Bible Man may be beloved and missed by many, I think it's about time he not be allowed to preach to a captive audience in school. Because think about it: Unless that school also allowed visits from "Torah Nan" and "Quran Man" (and good luck with that!) "Bible Man" should not be admitted. If anyone is thinking "Awww, but Bible Man is harmless" just imagine how you'd feel if your kids were forced to sit there and force fed Muslim teachings and you've got your answer.

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Parents need to remember that kids are so impressionable. When I was around 6, my very religious uncle asked me, "Do you want to be saved?" and I said "Sure," not even knowing what what being "saved" meant. I figured it was some game, but it turns out to be a boring one where all we need was hold each other's hands and close our eyes while my uncle kept talking in a sing-song voice that made me highly uncomfortable.

But the problem is, as a kid, it's not easy to say, "Hey, thanks but not thanks, I'm just here to be play with my cousins and am not in the mood to be converted today." Instead, I ate it all up and, in essence, became a Christian without fully understanding or consenting to the process -- which irks me to this day.

Bottom line, a school is responsible for giving a balanced, unbiased education to their kids. They should teach, not preach.

How would you feel if "bible man" were allowed in your school?


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