Model Who Had 6 Pack at 8 Months Pregnant Has a Bigger Than Average Baby

Sarah Stage became almost as famous as Naomi Campbell overnight, and not because of her catwalk skills. The model had the audacity to show the world her unbelievable ab muscles—which she magically managed to retain, despite being pregnant with her first child. Congrats are in order because Stage just gave birth and her baby's healthy (and even impressive) weight should put an end to any and all hateful comments (but it won't, of course).


So, let's recap Stage's journey through pregnancy. Here's what she looked like while 9 months pregnant:

Still waiting �.. #9months

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Hot as hell, is one way to describe this photo. And, certainly, unusual. She impressed quite a few people, who left sweet comments about her appearance on her Instagram page. But the haters also had a lot to say about her "unhealthy" appearance and, as is sometimes the case, a few of them somehow managed to graduate from medical school in a matter of seconds and decided her bump was "too small," and that she and her baby were "unhealthy."

Well, no. Actually, that turned out to be completely untrue. Stage gave birth on Tuesday to a boy named James Hunter, who weighs 8 lbs. 7 oz. and is 22 inches long. Speaking from personal experience, that's two pounds heavier and a couple of inches longer than both of my babies were when they were born. So, I'd say whatever Stage was doing during her pregnancy worked.

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I hated all of the press this model received for having a body that is normal—for her. Folks who mask their jealousy and disdain for others by pretending they are concerned for a person's health should think twice about their actual motivations before putting their medical "knowledge" out there in the universe, particularly when it pertains to pregnant women and their babies.

Stage doesn't deserve to be bashed for her body anymore than Kelly Clarkson, Chrissy Teigen, or Pink deserve to be slammed for theirs. If you have nothing nice to say ... well, you know.

Are you surprised Sarah Stage gave birth to a healthy, fairly large baby?


Images via sarahstage/Instagram

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