Little Boy Throws a Fit When Mom Gives Him the 'Wrong' Allowance (PHOTO)

torn up allowance

What would you do if your kid ripped up his allowance because it wasn't the right amount? Fabienne Marthol posed this question on Facebook along with a photo of said shredded cash ... and has sparked a heated debate among parents, accruing 33,000 comments (and counting!).


My first thought upon seeing this pic was wow, that's a lot of money for a kid! There's at least a $5, $10 and $20 in there. So I can kinda understand why certain parents think this spoiled, entitled kid deserves little sympathy or worse -- like a grounding, arse whupping, or no allowance ever again.

A child ripped up their allowance because it wasn't the amount his mom Said she would give him. She walked out her room...

Posted by Fabienne Marthol on Saturday, April 11, 2015

Still, though: If I were to climb into the mind of this kid, I'd like to think it's not about the money. He's upset because his mom did not keep her promise. And that can be extremely upsetting and spark extreme reactions ... like, say, tearing up the cash he's so eager to get.

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As a mom who rarely carries money (that's what credit cards are for!), I could see how a parent might end up short of the full amount. I just hope this mom explained he'd get the kid the rest later. If she didn't, then I understand why her kid went ballistic.

If my daughter ever did this, here's what I'd do: I'd give her whatever is owed to her, because parents need to keep their promises. But I would definitely not replace the money she tore up, because that was her own decision, and I'd want to teach her that there are better ways to deal with disappointment than self-sabotage.

I would not ground her or mete out further punishment than what she's inflicted on herself, because I think not having that money is punishment enough. And from that point onward, I'd know that a mom's word to her kids is sacred, and far more valuable than anything money can buy.

What would you do if your child tore up his or her allowance?

Image via Fabienne Marthol/Facebook

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