You Have Got to See This Airport's 'Nursing Lounge' to Believe It (PHOTO)

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Breastfeeding moms face challenges of many kinds. But one challenge we face that we shouldn't involves breastfeeding in public. There are some who find it revolting to see a mom nursing her baby, so there are germ-ridden chambers we are told to lock ourselves into, and have a seat on the toilet to feed baby her nourishment amongst the sound of flushing and farts. Leslie Morgan Steiner, a mom of three, discovered one particularly disappointing nursing lounge in the restroom at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, D.C. Right there in the in Terminal C ladies room was a "Nursing Lounge." You must see it to believe it.


Leslie is a best-selling author, and she's written many thought-provoking posts on parenting. And while this is plight of every breastfeeding mother, I love that Leslie is able to bring even more attention to what really needs to be changed in this country.

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Obama ... are you reading? Because this went down in your airport. Washington, D.C. Michelle, please. Let's do something about this now:

Seriously? This is where Reagan National Airport admin expect moms to feed their babies? Not good enough.

Posted by Leslie Morgan Steiner on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Leslie told Huffington Post that the inside of this "lounge" looked the same as any other bathroom stall:

It's ridiculous -- to slap a plaque on a metal door and think it goes from being a toilet to a hygienic place to feed a baby.

Nursing moms are expected to sit on a converted toilet seat. Who knows what they are supposed to do with other small children while they fed the baby.

It's strange what people will slap a sign on and call a lounge. How can this be a lounge?! This is a slightly larger stall where thousands go to the bathroom everyday. We have to be crude here and see it like it is. People go number one and number two here. This is NOT a sanitary place for a breastfeeding mom to FEED HER CHILD. You wouldn't eat while on a public toilet seat, would you? Of course not. Babies shouldn't either.

Perhaps though, this is what can bring change. (Obamas, I'm looking at you two.) People need to see how this isn't adequate for a nursing mom. We need advocates like Leslie to share photos like this. We need to get out of the bathroom. We need a room just for nursing moms. In a massive airport, I don't think that's too much to ask.

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And let's take a moment to think about how many women actually use this stall to nurse their babies? I would bet that not one mom looked at that and thought Oh how nice of Reagan Airport to supply this shiny-door lounge for us. Do you think they serve ice water in there with a little lemon wedge? I bet the chair is super cozy and makes it so much easier and helpful for us to nurse our little babies. 

We need nursing lounges that are really nursing lounges and not stalls that double as a place to poop out airplane food.

What is your reaction to this "Nursing Lounge"?


Image via Daniel Peinado/Flickr

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