Restaurant Charges Mom a Fee to Warm Up Baby's Bottle

rubens receipt

Mom Gitte Denteneer was just enjoying a meal out with her 2-month-old baby Lucca at a restaurant called Rubens in Leuven, Belgium. All was great, until she received the bill ... and found out she'd been charged 50 cents to warm her baby's bottle.


Well, Gitte didn't like that all that much -- particularly since she's racked up a decent-sized $30 bill for an omelette, two cappuccinos and two caramel desserts. Honestly, did that manage really have to tack on that extra 50 cents?

So Gitte posted photo of the bill on Twitter, which sparked outrage online and got the restaurant managed branded the "stingiest boss in Europe."

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So while this restaurant may have gotten their 50 cents, they've just lost thousands in business from that mom and the many others. Because let's face it: There are a lot of moms out there, and moms gotta eat, and are willing to pay for the privilege. And there are plenty of restaurants who would happily warm her bottle to get her business!

Sure, babies in restaurants may require a bit more from the restaurant -- particularly on the cleanup front -- but that's why parents can (and should) leave bigger tips to cover it. But if a restaurant billed me for these extras, it would just make me feel unwelcome and never want to go there again.

And believe you me, word of mouth matters. What else do you think we're all talking about during those play dates? Make one mom mad, and you've just alienated many.

Have restaurants made your baby feel unwelcome in any way?


Image via Mercury Press

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