Mom's Friends Go a Little Nutty When She Brags About Her Baby on Facebook

jade ruthven noteOne mom in Perth, Australia was devastated after she received an anonymous note from a so-called friend, acting on behalf of a group, letting her know they're fed up with her habit of over-sharing updates and photos of her six-month-old daughter, Addy. Jade Ruthven, 33, was shaking with rage after reading the nasty missive and decided to share it publicly to shame the bullies who tried to make her feel bad about celebrating her first baby's milestones.


Ruthven believes that had another new mom in a more fragile state received the note, it could've been far more damaging:

As a first time mum they have no idea what struggles I have gone or are going through adjusting to being a new mother. This letter could have potentially sent me over the edge. For this I’m glad I received this and not someone in a position like that.

Check it out:

letter to JadeYikes! But on some level we all know what this anonymous mom is talking about, right? Sometimes it seems like all certain people do is post streams of photos detailing how "amazing" their kids are. And it can cause you to wonder: Are these moms actually interacting with their children or just sort of documenting their lives? Often it's hard not to want to comment, "Why don't you put down the camera and play with that child instead of treating him like a tiny model for your continuous photo shoots!"

You know those bumper stickers that say "Hang Up and Drive!"? Don't you sometimes feel like typing, "Put Your Phone Away and Live!"

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Still, rather than sending such a harsh and unkind note, maybe this woman should've simply "un-friended" Addy's mom, but we suppose that would've been too uncomfortable, so she took this cowardly course of action.

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No one likes to be on the receiving end of hate mail but in a way, maybe it's better that this mom know how people are feeling about her rather than have them continue to talk behind her back. Becoming a mom is thrilling but it can also be isolating and you can lose your identity pretty quickly. Maybe this nameless "friend" just missed the old Jade and rather than have the guts to start an adult conversation about it, she chose this childish tactic.

In sharing the letter that initially caused her so much grief, Jade says she's been overwhelmed by the love and support she's received from fellow moms who have her back. So it sounds like she's going to continue to keep on sharing no one matter what the haters say!  

Did this anonymous mom cross the line or just write what everyone is thinking?


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