25 Baby Names You Wouldn't Have Thought of If You Tried

baby with surprised look on his faceWhat's the strangest baby name you've ever heard? Perhaps you've met someone who's named after a celebrity, cartoon character, random word, or a hilarious arrangement of letters. Anything's possible. So when Redditors took to the site to dish on the "worst name [they've] seen given to a child," the ridiculous monikers came out. And some are truly out of this world.


From the unique to the down-right bizarre, baby names can go so, so wrong.

The thread has gone viral and already amassed over 18,000 comments. And that's no surprise. Once you hear a crazy name, it's bound to stick with you. But while it produced plenty of giggles, and many more gasps, the list just really makes us all reevaluate and feel bad for the kids who have to live with these names. They are already being (anonymously) mocked, so we can only imagine how much more commentary they receive in person, on a daily basis.

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That's the main reason baby names are getting so dicey. Most parents want their baby name to be special, different, and individual to the person who will carry it for life. But it can all go so wrong, and so quickly.

Take a look at the craziest baby names posted on the thread:

  1. Hellzel
  2. Boy Boy
  3. Ermengarde
  4. I'munique
  5. Kaizyle
  6. Orgasm
  7. Rage
  8. Abstinence
  9. Christmas
  10. Ice Man
  11. Britney Shakira Beyonce
  12. Fallyn Angel

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  13. Heaven Lee
  14. Like
  15. I'adorher
  16. Depreshaun
  17. Obamaniqua
  18. Gennah Tyles
  19. Mini
  20. Dollar
  21. Soliloquy
  22. Gabriel and Grabiel (twins)
  23. Asthma
  24. Sssst
  25. Airwrecka

What's the craziest baby name you've ever heard?


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