School Nurse Refuses to Treat Kid Who Skipped 'Pledge of Allegiance'

american flag classroom

A school nurse has come under fire for refusing to treat a middle school student for a weird reason: She hadn't stood for the pledge of allegiance.



When the nurse confronted the student, the girl said she had a right not to stand. The nurse's retort? Well, then she had a "right" to not treat that student.

The student left the nurse's office in tears; since then the American Humanist Association has lodge a complaint against Pennsylvania’s Carlisle Area School District.

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And I'd complain too! In my mind, a school nurse shouldn't refuse medical care to a student who needs it for any reason, even for true misbehaviors -- and not standing for the pledge is actually within a student's rights, so hardly a horrible crime. As parents, we trust that schools will care for our kids and not hold their different beliefs against them as punishment.

Because think about it: What if that nurse and the student had disagreed on a different topic, like religion? Or the nurse just didn't like some kid's parents? There could be a whole host of issues other than pledging the flag that a nurse might not agree with, and it's frightening to think a child might be denied treatment for any of them.

How do you feel about school nurses denying kids medical care?


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