Poor Families Who Choose Not to Vaccinate Don't Deserve Welfare Checks


No matter how convincingly you argue why kids should get vaccines, certain parents refuse to listen. Well, one government has taken measures that I think will get some anti-vaxxers to come around: They may cut welfare benefits to families who don't immunize their kids.


This change, which will take effect in Australia on January 1, 2016, means that parents who don't vaccinate their kids would lose up to $11,000 a year in welfare benefits. That's a huge chunk of change!

The reason they've taken this tough stance: One the decision to not vaccinate isn't supported by public policy or medical research. Two, unvaccinated kids can pose potentially fatal health hazard to other kids -- particularly in day care settings where certain kids may be too young to be immunized.

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So while it's one thing for parents to defy these government recommendations for personal reasons, it's another to then turn around and accept that government's help in terms of medical care and otherwise.

And I have to say I generally approve of this new policy: If my taxpaying money were going toward some mom whose kid could infect mine with measles, I'd be seriously miffed!

To me, it's similar to how certain public schools mandate that all attending students get a flu shot. If you're sending your kid to a government-funded public school, then you should adhere to government policies that keep all those kids safe.

And I think if anything will convince anti-vaxxers to come around, it's losing $11,000 in welfare checks! You can argue science and reason until you're blue in the face, but money talks in a way that could actually get anyone to listen, anti-vaxxers included.

How do you feel about the government cutting benefits to anti-vaxxers?


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