Dad Goes to Drastic Measures to Get Wife to Agree to His Baby Name Choice

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What do couples do when they can't decide on a baby name? They ask their friends for help. Only one couple in Queens, New York has taken this idea to ridiculous lengths by launching an online petition where strangers can vote for their baby's name.


Dad-to-be Nicholas Soukeras launched this online petition with the hopes of gaining 100,000 signatures in favor of naming his firstborn son Spyridon, after his father. But mom-to-be Kseniya thinks the name is too strange, and prefers naming the baby Michael in honor of her late father.

So far, 240 individuals have signed the petition ... which means the dad has a long ways to go before reaching the 100,000 threshold that will prompt his wife to take the name Spyridon seriously. But then again, given she's due in August, that means the dad still has four months to curry more votes.

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While it's clear from their petition that the couple is doing this with a sense of humor, I still think it's a bad idea. Who cares what the internet thinks? A baby's name is not by popular vote; it's by the vote of two parents. So, to involve the world in this decision seem silly.

Now, when a couple is torn on a baby's name, I get asking a close friend or family member to weigh in. But the Internet? Online, there's an opinion for and against everything, names included. All that noise will just make this couple's decision harder.

My advice for the couple? Decide between yourselves which name you two like best, and leave the Internet out of it.

What do you think of asking the internet to vote on a baby's name?


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