Woman Wakes Up From Coma & Discovers She Gave Birth

sharista giles

Sharista Giles was five months pregnant when a car accident put her in a coma. Weeks later, she was still unconscious when she gave birth to her child, who was born less than two pounds but doing well. Yet this story keeps on getting better: Recently the 20-year-old mom opened her eyes and saw her baby for the first time.


Sharista can also blink and squeeze people's fingers when asked, which are promising signs. Her family was elated, particularly since doctors had given Sharista a one in ten odds of recovering.

Since waking up, Sharista has also finally had a chance to meet her infant, "Baby L," when family members showed her a photo of the little tyke. 

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While this story is beyond inspiring, the whole idea of giving birth in a coma has me wondering what that must be like. While I certainly wouldn't wish a coma on anyone, in some ways it must be great to be completely unconscious during the horrific pain of labor. In fact, if I had the option of being "out" for my labor without harming my baby, I may have considered it.

On the other hand, this mom also missed out on the joy of meeting her baby right when he or she was born. And that's such a monumental moment, it's a shame to have it pass you by. So yeah, all in all, being out when you're giving birth is a very mixed bag.

Here's to hoping Sharista will get to meet her baby in the flesh very soon. If you want to help out, the family has started a gofundme page to help defray Sharista's medical costs.

How would you feel about being "out" while giving birth?


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