What Photos of Cute Babies Do to Your Brain

cute baby

Ever wonder why you go weak in the knees when looking at cute baby photos? Well, scientists have actually studied this mystery and come to some surprising conclusions.


Basically, brain scans on people as they viewed cute baby pics showed that these images activate the dopamine "reward" circuits in the brain. In other words, looking at babies makes us feel like a million bucks -- and the cuter the baby, the bigger the brain's reaction.

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And this fuzzy wuzzy feeling, in turn, stokes are care-giving instincts. Studies show that pictures of cute babies make viewers more careful, attentive, and protective. Specifically, they improve our fine motor skills and fine tune our attention to detail.

What's more, studies have shown that viewing babies of other species activates the same reward pathways in the brain ... which may explain why we get all googly over kittens and puppies, too.

So the next time you're oohing and ahhing over a baby pic, now you know why you're so smitten and going "ohmygod he is soooooooo cute! Can I hold him? Pretty please?"

How do baby pics make you feel?


Image via SvetlanaFedoseyeva/shutterst

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