Stranger's Kind Gesture Makes Mom's 'Parenting Day From Hell' A Whole Lot Brighter (VIDEO)

Sometimes all it takes is a moment -- and a bouquet of flowers. Mom of two Lauren Casper was having one of those days. Pushing her two kids through Trader Joe's with her husband, John, Lauren was desperately trying to get out of the store before her son, who has autism, completely melted down. She was sweaty and her young daughter was strapped to her chest. She was feeling like a "bad mom" and just wanted to get home. That's when the most incredible thing happened.


Lauren anand John and their kids aren't just like any other family -- they tend to get stared at a lot. While Lauren and John are white, their children, who were adopted from Ethiopia, are black. Their son, Mareto, has autism. Their daughter, Arsena, is missing some fingers. On most days, Lauren says she loves her family being special and unique. On other days, she would prefer they blend in and not be noticed. This was one of those days.

But they were noticed. Lauren says she was close to tears as her husband went with Mareto to put away the carts. That's when she heard someone yell out "Ma'am!"

Realizing the caller was an employee of the store, she thought maybe she had dropped something. But instead the young woman, who looked like her daughter, was carrying a bouquet of flowers. She handed them to Lauren and told her she had been adopted too. She then said, "We need more families like yours."

Lauren says that she began crying, so grateful was she for a little bit of understanding from a total stranger.

Aw, so sweet. Sometimes that is all it takes -- just one little gesture. Something just to let a harried mom know that she's not failing, she's not "bad," she's just human!

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Lauren says it has been two years since the encounter with the woman in Trader Joe's, and yet she still thinks about it to this day. See what a difference even a small gesture can make in the life of a stranger.

Check out Lauren and John's incredible family story here:


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