School Threatens to Suspend Autistic Boy for How He Smells

Parents of children with autism often look for alternative treatments to keep their kids focused and calm. And that's exactly what one Florida mom does, but now, her son's school is considering suspension. Jessica Kemp puts essential oils on her five-year-old son, who has autism, and now the school has threatened to suspend the student because of the powerful smell.


Kemp uses scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood behind the Logan's ears and on his neck every morning. She says the oils help to keep him focused.

But, after a teacher aide complained, the mom received a letter from the school district. According to WKMG, the school notes that the smells have been problematic to the learning space and the students and teachers in Logan's class. But Jessica is fighting back:

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While it's difficult to know exactly how powerful the oils' odors are, this could be a good learning lesson to all the children.

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We are all social people and should learn to be accommodating to others. If the young boy's learning environment, mood, and behavior become overwhelmingly improved once the wears the oils, it might be worth the minor discomfort of others. If he truly needs these oils to focus and make it through the school day, it should be accommodated.

Maybe there could be concessions made in the amounts and mixtures of the oils, but the overwhelming thought should be to make the space accommodating to all.

What do you think the school should do?



Image via WKMG

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