School Newspaper Reviews 'Fifty Shades of Grey' & Parents Flip Out

50 shades review school news

A high school newspaper movie review of Fifty Shades of Grey has horrified some parents, who worry that young kids will be drawn to see the raunchy S&M-themed film. After all, the film is rated R, which means kids under 17 shouldn't watch it, only Garden City High School has kids as young as 14.


Yet the school is standing behind the article, citing that kids have freedom of speech, too. Plus, no movie theater with this film should allow kids under 17 to buy tickets to it anyway. Check out more in the video below:

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My take? Given there are kids in that school who are old enough to see the movie, I think it would be remiss to not have a review if the kids want to have one. It's the same as if the newspaper covers, say, driving. It won't encourage a 14-year-old to try driving, right? 

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I also wonder whether parents are squirming less about the R rating than the film's kinky content. For instance, would parents have expressed the same concerns had the school newspaper done a review of, say, Schindler's List or another movie that's educational but R-rated? Doubt it.

And besides, teaching kids that their voice and views can be censored sends a very bad message. This country is founded on freedom of speech, and I think kid's newspapers should have those same rights. Otherwise, we're just teaching kids that they can only express their opinions if adults approve ... and that would be a sad day for school newspapers and kids in general.

How do you feel about school newspapers reviewing Fifty Shades?


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