Girl Gets Sent Home From School for Wearing Most Scandalous Outfit We've Ever Seen

Most (if not all) schools these days have some sort of dress code which students must adhere to. Things like bare midriffs and butt cracks are banned, and I think most of us could agree that that is fine. But wait until you see the outrageous outfit that got one girl sent home from school for being far too revealing.


Get a load of what Macy Edgerly thought she could get away with wearing to class!

The gall. The nerve! She's wearing (gasp!) leggings! At least, we think that's why she got sent home. That or the school really hates orange and gray baseball tees. But we're thinking it's because of the leggings. And it's completely ridiculous.

Macy's sister Erica Edgerly posted about it to Facebook, and included this commentary (emphasis mine):

Today, my sister was sent home from school for wearing the clothes in the picture below. And I'm sorry but I have to stand up for my family and for women who are degraded and judged for their bodies and clothing everyday. People wonder why women feel insecure about their bodies or what they wear.. And it's beause you're told your clothing is inappropriate when you're completely fully clothed, even when you're not showing cleavage or anything. How about instead of body shaming women, school systems should start teaching 15-18 year old boys to stop degrading women with their eyes and contributing to the rape culture of today's society. Bottom line, girls cannot go to school in comfortable clothes THAT COVER EVERYTHING because school systems are afraid that hormonal boys won't be able to control their eyes and minds. And that is such a bigger problem than worrying about clothing. No, I do not believe that all boys in middle school/high school degrade young women or sexualize their bodies. That is my point.. this is not an inappropriate outfit, yet some are worried it might be seen that way, so they send girls home to change to try to avoid an issue and THAT is the problem. Not to mention, when you send someone home because of innappropriate clothing, you're taking away from their eduction. So I guess it's more important for boys to not have distractions (even when they're aren't any) than a woman's education. When will people realize how big of an issue this really is?

She makes a dang good point, and as of Wednesday, April 8, nearly 85,000 people have agreed with her by sharing her post on Facebook. How in the world could administrators deem this outfit inappropriate in any way, shape, or form?

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Not only is this flat-out body shaming of girls (who already have enough insecurities with their bodies, thankyouverymuch), but it sends a dangerous message to boys -- you're not responsible for your own actions if a girl dresses a certain way.

How about we start teaching boys that it's rude to ogle girls' bodies, or to assume that because they wear leggings and a long T-shirt, they're promiscuous? Leggings are freaking comfortable, and while I am a proud card-carrying member of the Leggings Are Not Pants Club, they are the perfect compliment to a tunic-style shirt.

Macy's outfit is fine. What the school thinks about the boys in attendance is wrong. Young men can taught to be gentlemen ... but it's never going to happen if we insist girls dress in nothing but turtlenecks and high-waisted jeans because boys just can't control themselves. 

Do you think this girl's outfit is too revealing for school?


Images via Richard Garten/Flickr & Erica Edgerly/Facebook

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