Bleach Keeps Whites Whiter, But It's Making Kids Sicker & Sicker

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You bust it out whenever the little one has an accident on the floor, or after an exceptionally overwhelming and family-wide bout of the flu, and for many moms, bleach is the go-to household cleaner. But a new study shows just how harmful the popular product can be. In fact, instead of killing bacteria and sanitizing the home, bleach is actually making children sick.


The study, which was published in the journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine, inspected 9,100 children between the ages of 6 and 12 in the Netherlands, Finland, and Spain, and noted the use of bleach in each of those children's households and schools.

The parents then reported on their child's sickness and type of illness, and doctors then determined that children who are in homes or schools where adults use bleach for cleaning are 18 percent more likely to develop infections than those children who had less exposure to the product.

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There's one main reason bleach has such a harmful effect on the kids. The solution's chemical properties contain specific ingredients that, when inhaled, could hurt the lining of a child's lungs. And because a child's respiratory system is still growing and hasn't fully developed yet, they're more likely to find the solution harmful. Through that, they develop infections.

Specifically, the study found that children who were exposed to bleach were both 20 percent more likely to get the flu and 35 percent more likely to get tonsillitis.

So the next time you bust out the gallon bleach after the little one (or the dog) has an accident on the floor, think twice. Think bleach is what's keeping the kids healthy? It might just be the opposite.

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