'Golden Girls' Fans May Have Convinced Lego to Make a Play Set -- Uh, For Kids?!​

lego golden girls

Be still my beating heart: Plans are afoot to make The Golden Girls LEGO set a reality. That's right, this sit-com where four old ladies have long chats around the kitchen table has been accepted into the LEGO ideas program. Granted, it's still around 10,000 votes away from production, but odds are good for a landslide victory here.


I grew up watching Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose razz each other over cups of coffee, so I can see why this might catch on for reasons of nostalgia.

Only one problem: Kids today don't watch Golden Girls. My 4-year-old daughter sure doesn't, nor should she! This isn't a kids' show by a long shot. For one, my kid would be bored to death. And wasn't Blanche a bit, um, promiscuous? My guess is if LEGO were the one behind this set, parents would be freaking out that it's inappropriate for kids.

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Plus, even though I liked this show, they don't scream LEGO to me, because all they do is sit around the kitchen table -- so, this is nothing better than kids playing house. I guess that's no worse than my daughter grooming dogs with her Littlest Pet Shop LEGO set, but at least that show is one she watches!

And all in all I'd prefer a LEGO theme that entices kids build castles, dungeons, spaceships, and other crazy, creative things. So I, for one, won't be casting my vote.

How do you feel about a Golden Girls LEGO set?


Image via LEGO IDEAS

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