Mom Favors One Child Over the Other Because He Smells Better​

If you have more than one child, chances are that you have a favorite at any given time. Not that you love one kid more than another, but they all go through their phases, and occasionally it happens. This mom has taken it extremes though, claiming to consistently favor one son over another -- because he smells nice.


I'm sorry, what? Not because one is going through the terrible two's, or becoming a sullen teenager, or even because she has more in common with one than the other ... but because she prefers the way he smells.

Australian mom Amie Cox, 33, recently made the confession about her sensory bond with her 5-year-old son Alex while appearing on an SBS Insight program about sibling rivalry. When asked if she had a favorite between Alex and his 7-year-old brother William, she didn't hesitate before blurting out Alex's name.

She explained, "If you said choose one to live or die, I wouldn't be able too ... like I love them equally ... but Alex has a smell that he's had since he was born. I sniff him all the time. There's some sort of smell connection."

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Alrighty then. Cox says that since she went public with her preference for her sweet-smelling child, she's received a good amount of backlash and even been called a freak, but she says she's just "a normal loving mum." Who happens to like one of her kids better because of his smell.

She did say that she treats them both equally (probably not with equal sniffs though), and that William agrees that his little brother has a special smell.

"William has the same smell connection with Alex as I do," she stated. "It's about the science behind pheromones ... They were on the couch the other day and William said 'Alex, isn't his skin so soft and he smells so nice' and of course Alex said get off me."

Apparently, Alex smells so special that Cox didn't even want anyone else to hold him the first year of his life, in fear that people's smells would rub off on him and he'd lose that special scent. Personally, I don't want anyone smelly enough to "rub off their scent" on my baby holding him or her. But you know, we moms all have our quirks.

All I have to say is this mama better enjoy it while it lasts ... because once that kid hits the teen years, his delicious scent will be nothing but a distant memory. In the meantime, she might want to come up with something special to love about her older son. Kids don't tend to fare well when their parents pick favorites.

What do you think of this mom's reason for having a favorite child?


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