Why Breastfeeding Moms Have More Sex

breastfeeding mom

I'd always heard that breastfeeding a baby is bad for your sex life -- because of hormones, because you're bonding with an infant rather than your husband, the list goes on and on. Well! A new study argues otherwise, claiming that breastfeeding moms have more sex than moms who don't nurse. And the reason will floor you even more.


The deets: Michelle Escasa-Dorne at the University of Colorado questioned 260 women in the Philippines about their breastfeeding habits, as well as how often they were having sex with their husbands. Turns out women who breastfed whose periods had resumed were more not only more sexually active than non-breastfeeders, they were also more committed and satisfied with their spouse.

The reason, researchers theorize, is that moms who breastfeed are trying extra hard to close the rift that often widens between husband and wife when a baby enters the picture -- particularly one who's attached to mom's boobs 24/7. As a result, breastfeeding moms have to make added effort to stabilize their marriage. And let's face it, nothing makes a man more content than a woman who's willing to strip down and get busy, right?

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Reading this study, I'll have to admit that it got me thinking gee, that's what I SHOULD have done when my daughter was born. Instead, I breastfed like a maniac and largely rebuffed my husband's advances for around a year. As a result, he was dying for me to stop breastfeeding because he was convinced my sex drive would return. So when I decided to continue nursing to the two-year mark, he hit the roof.

Thankfully, once I finally did stop breastfeeding, it's true: my sex drive resumed, and all is fine on the sex and marriage front now. That said, I wish I'd been more receptive to my husband's sexual advances during those breastfeeding years, because they were really rocky years.

During the early days with a new baby nestled at your breast, it's so easy to forget the guy who helped bring this baby into the world. But odds are he's right there and craving a little TLC too -- and what's good for him is good for your marriage, your baby and yes, you too mama!

How do you think breastfeeding impacted your sex life?


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