Lying Got Mindy Kaling's Brother Into College -- But Will It Work for Your Kids?

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Getting into medical school takes hard work, dedication ... or you can just lie that you're black. That, at least, is the claim of comic Mindy Kaling's brother Vijay Chokalingam, who says he got into medical school by shaving his head to hide his straight hair, cutting his "long, Indian eyelashes," and adopting the name "Jojo" to fake being a different race.


So, um, why is Chokalingam admitting to this ruse? Because he's seeking to publish a book about his experiences accusing the U.S. educational system of discrimination via affirmative action. Talk about shameless!

While I really hope Chokaligam's bid for fame and fortune flounders, I do sympathize with his stunt to stand out. Because getting into college is so competitive these days, some parents are wiling to go way over th top to get their kids in -- and if that involves stretching the truth or outright lying, I'm sure more than few would be willing to fabricate all kinds of things if it means their kids won't end up the fry guy at McDonald's.

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The problem, though, is that at the end of the day, lying may get your kid into college ... but then you've taught your kid that lying is okay. And that's a sad and risky way to raise kids, since they may continue weaving webs of deceit wherever they go and one day get caught. Because liars always do.

Bottom line? Parents who let their kids lie on their college applications may win the short race, but they're bound to lose out in the long run.

How do you feel about lying on your kids' college applications to give them an edge?


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