This Crazy Trick Could Put a Baby to Sleep in Just 40 Seconds (VIDEO)

Maybe you drive around the neighborhood, rock back and forth in a swing, or blast only one very specific type of music, but each parent has their tried-and-true trick to getting baby to fall asleep. If you're Nathan Dailo and his wife, the trick to getting 3-month-old Seth to start snoozing is pretty simple. All you need need is a tissue.


A few gentle swipes over the baby's face, and he's as good as out. If it sounds too good to be true, take a look at the video Dailo posted and see the magic happen:

That's just 40 seconds. From wide awake and restless, to gradually more tired, and finally to essentially out cold. Maybe little Seth was already a bit drowsy before Mom and Dad hit record, but the immediacy of Seth's bedtime can't be unstressed.

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It's simple, fast, and cheap. Is there any better description for a baby sleeping method than that? It gets the job done, doesn't cost the parents too much anxiety and time (and money!), and baby is finally able to start his dream session.

We're starting a rousing round of applause for Dailo and wife for their genius and simple invention. It deserves all of the awards. Parents of the year, right here!

What trick do you have to get baby to fall asleep?


Image via Nathan Dalio/YouTube

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