Mom Tandem Breastfeeds Her Baby & Her Puppy

If you thought breastfeeding was a controversial topic, wait until you hear this story. A woman from Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be featured on an upcoming TLC special titled "Extreme Breastfeeding," for her decision to nurse her rottweiler puppy alongside her infant son.


Um ... what? Thought you'd heard it all, did you? The woman claims that she did it to save the dog's life, and she'd make the same decision again if she had to.

"I put the puppy to my breast and it started taking milk," she explained. "We made the decision to save a life. And thank god, we have Gauchita here today."

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Gauchita the dog and her son Cris are now five, and the little boy explained how it worked. "I would drink from this [breast] and Gauchita this one," he claimed.

The mom feels like she made the right decision regarding her body and her family, but got some backlash even from close relatives. She admitted, "My mum did not agree with what I was doing at all but then she got over it because it was my choice."

She says that she considers Gauchita more as a daughter than simply a pet, and that the canine and her son have a "special bond." For those who have a hard time believing that a puppy could latch onto a human breast, she provided a photo to TLC of her nursing the pup.

Even though it's her body and her choice, Gauchita's mama has received criticism for those who believe human milk should be reserved exclusively for human babies. 

"I went on a TV show and breastfed the dog. Many thought it was disgusting I was feeding a child from the same breast," she confessed, continuing, "The people who did not agree were worried about the health and cleanliness for my child. But I would explain I would sanitize myself. I'm sad about criticisms, it's my body."

You know what? It is her body, and female bodies are amazing. Yes, it's unconventional, but it's not like she breastfed her dog instead of her child. Anyone who claims she wouldn't be able to nurse them both needs to remember that mothers nourish twins every day all over the world with their breast milk. Unless there's an issue, supply increases to meet demand where breast milk is concerned.

I can't say that I'd do, but hey, good on her for making her own decisions. As long as everyone is happy and healthy, right?

And she'd do it again. She's currently pregnant with her second child, and claimed, "If the same situation came up I would breastfeed an animal. I'd do it again out of love."

Do you think breastfeeding a puppy is sweet or just plain weird?


Images via TLC

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