Mom Meets the Babies Saved by Her 2-Year-Old's Donated Organs (VIDEO)

In a heartbreaking decision, one mother chose to donate her two-year-old daughter's organs after she passed away suddenly last December. Now, she had the chance to meet with the babies whose lives were saved thanks to that difficult and selfless choice.


Patricia Almonte lost her daughter, Veronica Grace, after the little one came down with a fever. Her organs were then used to save three people. Essence, or Essie, is now 8-months-old, and was in dire need of a heart transplant. Little Justin Ford was suffering from liver cancer. And a 68-year-old woman required a new kidney. Patricia and Veronica helped them all.

Take a look at their emotional reunion with the two children:

What an absolutely amazing and altruistic choice.

She is, in a way, the babies' "second mom," as Justin's mother says. She gave them hope and a new chance at life. And it didn't come easy.

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Almonte truly was able to give these parents their babies back at her own personal loss. She helped save the lives of three different people and that sacrifice won't soon be forgotten.

Our hearts go out to Almonte, the babies, and their families.

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Would you ever consider donating?


Image via CBS New York

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