School Forces 7-Year-Old to Clean Bathroom By Hand As Punishment


Just your typical day at elementary school: Kid uses too much tissue paper and clogs the toilet. Yet at Royal Live Oaks Academy in South Carolina, this innocent act prompted a teacher and paraprofessional to punish a 7-year-old boy in an extreme way -- by forcing the student to clean the feces-filled toilet with his bare hands in front of other kids.


The poor kid left school traumatized, and told his mom, Johnita Anderson, what had happened. Anderson was appalled, and notified the school. The school has disciplined the teacher and paraprofessional responsible, but Anderson thinks they should flat-out be fired.

And I kind of agree: For one, my own 4-year-old daughter uses tons of toilet paper. To me, that's not a crime; kids are just trying their best to clean up, and sometimes go overboard on the T.P. front.

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Secondly, even if this kid had purposely clogged the toilet just for kicks, that doesn't mean he should be punished by being forced to clean the toilet with his bare hands. Being forced to clean it could be okay, but at least give the kid a sponge and rubber gloves! Plus why turn it into a public spectacle by letting other kids watch?

I'm not against a school administering punishment for kids who break the rules. But to me, this punishment steps over the line and administers something I'm not fine with at all: humiliation. I don't care what rule is broken; shaming the perpetrator is just plain cruel and entirely unnecessary.

In my opinion, embarrassing a kid doesn't teach them the difference between right and wrong, and the fact that there are consequences to your actions. It belittles them. And that's a terrible message to send our kids.

How do you feel this punishment?


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