'Miserable' Dad on Vacation Sends Sweetest Message to His Wife & Baby (PHOTOS)​

kevin blanfordNew dad Kevin Blanford was thrilled when he learned he was one of 200 out of 50,000 employees at his company to win a free trip to Puerto Rico thanks to his excellent performance. Only one thing ruined it for Blanford: He would have to vacation without his wife Bonnie and their new baby.


The Blanford baby is just seven months old, too young to bring with them, but also too young to leave behind, they felt. So Kevin Blanford sallied off to his tropical paradise on his own (sniff!). But he wanted to make one thing clear: It would NOT be as fun without his wife.

So just to drive that point home, he sent her a series of photos of himself looking perfectly miserable without her. He called it "Not a single second of fun in Puerto Rico." 

Here he is not enjoying all the sun, sand, cocktails, and entertainment. Nope! All that crystal-clear water and warm weather was totally wasted on this poor, miserable man. Just look.

Aww, poor guy!

Okay, we all know he probably had a great time on this trip. Who are we kidding? But what a thoughtful thing to do for your wife! I'm sure she was disappointed to stay home with the baby, and maybe a little envious of the fun. But she wouldn't want to deny him the enjoyment of his well-earned trip.

He's a clever man to make a joke out of how bereft he is without his wife and baby. Blanford says his wife thought the photos were funny. And so do the rest of us. They've gone viral since Blanford shared them on Imgur! Nice going, new dad.

Would photos like these make you feel better about your husband going on a fun vacation without you?


Image via Kevin Blanford/Imgur

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