Kim Zolciak Drags Her Poor Kids Into Latest Internet Spat

kim zolciak on instagram

Reality TV stars are a lot like Tinkerbell. They only exist if we think they're real. (If we stopped paying attention, they might very well evaporate in a cloud of sulfuric green smoke.) So no wonder Kim Zolciak is totally losing her shit: All of a sudden, everyone's speculating that her nose is Not Her Real Nose! And to prove otherwise, she's dragged her poor kids into the mix.


According to US magazine, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta "star" posted a sideshot of herself yesterday on Instagram. No one really cared about the vapid, self-serving caption she included. ("Natural Hair, natural makeup,#FilmingToday #DontBeTardySeason4," if you must know.)

What got some followers in an uproar was her nose and how it looked, well, not like her usual nose. Thinking she's had work done is not exactly a leap in logic. The 36-year-old has already gotten a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

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But apparently, the Don't Be Tardy "star" draws the line at nose jobs! So much that she hastily posted a reply on Instagram -- side-by-side pics of her nose, along with that of teen daughter Brielle, and the innocent little nose of baby Kaia.

Kim Zolciak and daughters comparing noses on Instagram

Quoth Kim: "I guess we have ALL had nose jobs #GTFOH."

Sure, she probably meant to defuse the argument, but let's be honest: using her kids to shut up the haters? #Icky.

It's eye-raising (hair-raising?) enough when any mom exposes the lives of her kids on a reality show. But also using them to fight her online battles? Wouldn't an old pic of Kim's own nose (if that's really what it is) better satisfy her, um, nosy followers?

Maybe Kim needs to start worrying less about what her fans think and more about respecting her kids' privacy. You gotta draw the line somewhere. Hop to it, Tinkerbell.

Do you think Kim's had a nose job? Do you care?

Images via kimzolciakbiermann/Instagram


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