Cute Baby ‘Playing’ With Patient Dog Needs Better Parenting (VIDEO)

One of the most wonderful things about the Internet is cute baby with animal videos! Who doesn't love to see a baby snuggling up with a puppy or a young kid being saved by a cat? The Internet wouldn't be the same without them. Unfortunately, however, many parents, seemingly in the name of making a cute viral video, let their parenting fly out the window as they film their kids interacting with their pets -- and by interacting I mean torturing.


OK, so maybe this kid isn't torturing this dog, but he is surely treating it carelessly. It's not the kid's fault, he has no idea what he's doing. But whomever was filming the scene (presumably mom or dad!) should have known.

It doesn't appear the kid ever truly hurts the dog, but that was just luck. The way the toddler banged on the patient dog's face like it was a pair of bongos could have had a really unfortunate outcome. At any moment, this dog could have reached his limit and retaliated with a bite.

Then who would be in trouble? Not the kid, for sure. The parents would have likely bundled this furbaby off to a shelter, screaming about how "vicious" it is!

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People who commented on the video on LiveLeak seemed split between thinking this was a lovely bonding moment between child and pack animal -- or a tragedy waiting to happen. I'm just down with teaching kids to respect other living creatures; you really can't start too early.

Do you think this baby was being too rough with the dog? Would you have allowed this to continue in your house?

Image via LiveLeak


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