Girl Who Wants to Wear a Boy's Easter Suit Leads to War of Words on Facebook

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According to mom Jennifer Giordano, her 5-year-old daughter Maddie has always been a "tomboy." So when she took her daughter shopping recently, she wasn't fazed when Maddie passed by the frilly dresses and chose to wear a boy's Easter suit. Only that didn't fly with the store clerk.


"The woman’s face was just a face of disgust," Giordano recalled to the press. "She told me that I was promoting wrong behavior. That parents should not let their children choose the way that they dress if it's cross-gendered." Check out the news story below:

Outraged, Giordano complained on Facebook, prompting many to give the store one-star reviews. The store allegedly responded in their own Facebook tirade calling such cross-dressing "child abuse from the mother."

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The store's Facebook page has since been removed, and I can understand why: Accusing a mom of "child abuse" for letting their kids pick their own clothes is bound to ruffle a few feathers.

And I can totally sympathize with this mom. My 4-year-old, for instance, refuses to let me pick what she wears -- and believe me, if she doesn't want to wear it, it's hard to get it on her (and keep it on). Plus she wants to wear all kinds of strange combinations to school, like five skirts. Or one dress, over and over, which has huge stains I've tried but failed to remove.

So, since my daughter's clothing choices might get her ridiculed and me arrested, I do set limits. Like, say, she can wear two skirts at once, but no more. Parents also dictate other clothing choices, like what they wear to weddings or a nice restaurant … is this any different?

But my point is that it's the parent's call -- not some random store clerk. Which is why I'm glad to hear that this mom took her daughter to JCPenny and got her a boy's suit. Here's to hoping her outfit gets rave reviews this Easter!

What limits, if any, have you set on what your kids wear?


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