Dentists Are Not Smiling at Video of Dad Yanking Son's Tooth Out With His Car

pull out tooth car

What's the best way to remove a kid's loose tooth? Well, according to Florida dad and pro wrestler Robert Abercrombie, it's to tie a string around that tooth, tie the other end to the back of your Chevy, then rev the motor!


Luckily, this DIY dentistry stunt did not end up dragging his 8-year-old kid down the street. The tooth popped right out -- and the video has since gone viral. Check it out below:

Which may have you wondering: Is this a safe way to remove a tooth? Well, according to dentists, the answer is heck, no.

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"Usually once enough of the root of the baby tooth has come loose, it will fall out on its own," says Timothy Chase, a dentist at SmilesNY. "If you remove a tooth prematurely by force, you can damage the jaw, the gum, the adjacent teeth or the erupting adult tooth from underneath."

His advice? If your kids are complaining of a loose baby tooth, don't force it out -- just encourage them to gentle wiggle it with a clean finger. Or, if it's causing real discomfort contact your dentist.

So, while it's fun to watch these videos, don't get any ideas.

How do you help your kids remove loose teeth?


Image via Voice of America/YouTube

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