This Little Boy's Haircut Is Too 'Military' for His Public School

boy forced to shave military haircutYoung kids look up to and imitate their older siblings. Whether its how they act, treat others, or the passions they end up pursuing in life, their choices are influenced by their older family members. That was the case for 7-year-old Adam Stinnett, who requested a "high and tight" haircut like his brother, but was quickly forced by his elementary school to shave the Army-influenced 'do.


Adam's older brother, Justin Bloodworth, is active-duty military. And Adam wants to be just like him. He told WZTV Nashville that he also wants to enlist when he's older and dreams of following in his brother's footsteps. That's why he approached his mom and asked to have the traditional military haircut. 

When he showed up to school, he was noted by the principal, who called on the school's code that bans mohawks and other extreme hairdos. he returned the next day with the same look and his mom was notified and ultimately forced to shave the haircut, even though military haircuts are not explicitly prohibited in the Nashville-area elementary school.

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So mom has taken her fight public. She reached out to the local news team and the school has filed an official statement that it does not prohibit military cuts but won't comment on this specific case.

And we just have to give mom props for fighting the fight. Yes, it might be just a haircut, but our kids need to know we're on their side. Supporting them and letting them know that their ambitions are valid are all important for a parent. And this mom is doing just that. Let's hope the situation is resolved soon. Take a look at the local news video:

Do you think the haircut was inappropriate?


Image via WZTV Nashville

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