Mom Wants to Offer Daughter a Breast Enhancement Before College -- How Thoughtful

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It sounds awful, but it's not as bad as you think: A mom is pondering whether she should buy her daughter a boob job before she goes to college.


This question was posed in Slate's "Dear Prudence" column by a mom who had actually gotten breast augmentation herself at the age of 36. So, this mom knows first-hand how self-conscious she felt being flat chested, and suspects her daughter may feel the same way.

Yet this mom -- who's never mentioned her surgical enhancement to her daughter -- is worried what will happen if she offers this procedure to her teenager as an option. Might pointing out how she could "fix" this "flaw" create the very complex she's trying to help her avoid? 

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Well, as someone who's had plastic surgery, I don't think I'd hide this fact from my daughter, as this woman hid her own surgery. To me, that kind of secrecy could just mess with kids' minds in various ways. And if I had a feeling my daughter was self-conscious about her boobs or her body, I'd definitely try to talk with her about it, awkward as that might be.

Here's why: I know one girl who got a nose job before starting college, and she is forever grateful to her parents for not being shy about offering this option, as well as footing the bill. Her new nose changed her confidence levels, her dating prospects, perhaps even her career prospects. As a mom, isn't that worth pushing through the potential awkwardness of this conversation for the sake of your child's future?

I also think parents need to understand that they can broach a topic or possibility with their kids (like breast augmentation) without fear that they're endorsing it -- or criticizing their kid's appearance. Kids aren't that simple, guys! I think parents can state the pros and cons of a procedure and then kids can decide for themselves.

So far, my daughter does not need plastic surgery -- she's only 4! But if there comes a day she really needs it, my checkbook is open.

How do you feel about mentioning plastic surgery to your kids?


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